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Kundalini and Ten Body Yoga; The Heart and Circulatory System

Some insight into the positive effects of Kundalini and Ten Body Yoga on the heart and curculation….

Practicing both Kundalini and Ten Body Yoga works to balance your blood pressure and also increases your bodies oxygen supply. It also reduces weight through sweating. Another advantage is that it strengthens your heart muscles and increases the amount of small active blood vessels. Also, practicing these forms causes the consistency of the blood to become thinner thus helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Some  beneficial exercises for your heart and circulation include: twisting exercises, all exercises with the arms (especially at a 60 or 90 degree angle), all upside-down exercises (causes blood to flow back), exercises with the diaphragm (Breath of Fire), exercises with the yogic locks (such as root lock) and also jogging to increase circulation.

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