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Solstice Pics

Okay, the pictures are finally here:

This is the fabulous Darshan Kaur trying to escape her picture being taken.

Here is Savitri the creator of wonderful ceramic fountains, flowers and dishes.

Standing in line for lunch.

Amrit Singh the rollerblader.

The lake from a distance.

Dyal Singh. :)

The first day of White Tantric Yoga.

During the break.

And another break,

And another,

and one more...

My Thumb.

Who's watching who?

The lake. After thoroughly searching for aligators we were unable to find any. Apparently that does not necessarily mean they are not there, as many people have claimed to have seen be continued...

A Goddess smudging the entire perimeter of the camp.

Spontaneous drum circle and dancers.

The bonfire.

Some of the folks around the fire.

Upon the return home, my first Christmas tree..and

My brother and Dad.

And I can't leave out Sylvan.

I missed a lot because the camera really wasn't on my mind most of the time. Every once in a while I remembered it was in my backpack and whipped it out. The last few days I was in such a happy daze that I forgot that I had it with me!

There are more photos on the 3ho newsletter:

This week I am taking the first level of Craniosacral Therapy training from the Upledger Institute. It's 9-5 Thurs through Sunday. I love the technique and going more deeply into it is quite transformative. It's also great to receive so much free body work and meet other therapists in the area.

Also this week, the GuruSangats and I are learning a new shabad.

On the down side I received my first C ever in advanced keyboard techniques. Admittedly I never practiced, and still did alright, but it appears that the teacher is on to me. I've decided to suck it up and start regular practice once again!
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